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Boomer Sooner!

Nikki moved to San Francisco from Oklahoma in December of 2009, she loves San Francisco so, so much and after going on a round-the-world trip stopping in 16 different countries in 2012, San Francisco is still her favorite city on earth (for now, but Paris was a close second), and you guessed it, she loves traveling and exploring new places, she is an animal lover, especially interested in loving her animal—Lola, she kinda thinks that her dog Lola is a person, she is a recent entrant to the wonderful world of law school, she loves to learn and loves to be challenged and there is a lot of that going on in law school, she loves run-on sentences even though she knows that they are grammatically incorrect, she loves reading books that change her perspective on life and such, she loves watching stupid movies, hates people who are movie snobs, she knows when a movie is bad yet appreciates it for what it is, she loves music, she couldn’t live without music actually, and she loves loves lovessss Sooner Football.

Nikki trained for and ran the San Francisco Marathon, she is really stubborn, she officially knows that she doesn’t like running that much, after she finished with the marathon she deleted the noun “run” from her dictionary, she loves creating new verbs like BARTing and using them rather than saying she took BART, Nikki used to BART (see, she used the noun as a verb) but then she discovered that she hates public transportation, but she also likes it because it is good for the world and shit, it’s kind of like a love/hate relationship.

Nikki is a serial abuser of parenthesis (aren’t they the best invention ever, it’s like a time out from real life while we’re inside these things), speaking of cereal (she knows, she just said serial, but just go with it) that is really all she eats—even though she aspires to only eat things from the food pyramid, which is really only a half-hearted inspiration because she loves cake, and chocolate, and cookies, and burritos, and sour cream chicken enchiladas, and queso, and mac n’ cheese, and diet soda, she is curious to find out when she will actually be able to cook.

Nikki loves her friends and her family more than anything, being away from them makes her realize more than ever how much they mean to her, she really thinks that she is so blessed because her parents and two brothers and sister-in-law and nephew are bombdotcom, she likes to talk in izzles with her best friend in the whole wide world so nobody can understand what they are saying, she loves having relationships that are so amazing that you can literally finish each other’s thoughts and other people around have a hard time following your conversations because so much less has to be said between the two of you because you just get each other, she loves Sarah.

Nikki is a member of the ASPCA and wants to open her own animal shelter some day, she likes taking conversation in a completely random direction.

Nikki hates that Microsoft Word doesn’t have Facebook as a word in its dictionary (yet) and that it tries to change her “ladies” to “women”, she hates that British people add “u”s to words that don’t need them like colour, she loves reading about really successful people and wants to learn how to be more like them, she recently discovered that she really enjoys the English language and all its proper uses (just because she said that doesn’t mean that she will always use correct grammar, it just means that she usually knows the difference between what is right and wrong and chooses to do the wrong thing like ending a sentence with a preposition because she doesn’t like talking like a woman in the thirteenth century but she does really enjoy referring to herself in the third person even though it is kind of lame—she didn’t mean that, third person), and that she really, really loves Wikipedia.

Nikki LOVES winning arguments, she gets restless easily, she is happy that all the country love songs make her happy because they make her think of her great bf (I know, vom right?), she has a yearning to travel the world again she just has to work enough to be able to pay for her adventures, she likes to use profanity and make up new profane words and phrases, she likes that people call her Nikita.

Nikki really likes having close friends and having new experiences, she thinks that is why she is starting this blog, she hopes that people will want to read what she has to say and maybe want to be her friend. Maybe. She supposes that the fact that you got this far on at least one page is a pretty good accomplishment considering all of the billions of other pages you could have ended up on. She would like to thank you for stopping by, and she apologizes for her failure to update her blog even bi-annually sometimes, but she still pays for the domain name so don’t think she doesn’t care.

Follow her on Twitter (@nikkideterding) or be friends with her on Facebook … or both!


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 04:42:26

    Sizzle lizzles yizzle tizzle. Just sayin.


  2. Audrey
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 20:43:58

    “Aspiring to only eat food from the food pyramid” cracks my shit up nikki. Never really realized it till just now….very memorable.

    Did Sarah ever tell you the week that we only ate pickles, cream cheese, and ham. It was delightful…..


    • sanfranciscosooner
      Jun 28, 2010 @ 20:08:15

      That sounds absolutely AMAZING. I think that maybe we should make our own food pyramid and suggest that people have AT LEAST 2 servings of cream cheese, 3 cups of cookies, and quite possibly 4 servings of diet coke. Who does the USDA think they are, anyway. Telling people what to eat … bitches.


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  7. Tommy Deterding
    Aug 14, 2010 @ 02:34:46

    You also forgot Nikki takes no bullshit and will tell you what she thinks to your face.


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